Assembly: Bridging China's production prowess to the global market with trust and innovation. Born as GetScale in 2014, we redefine manufacturing transparency, ensuring products meet international standards. Discover our journey and solutions.


From GetScale to Assembly: A Journey of Trust & Innovation
Born in 2014 as GetScale, we've evolved into what is now known as Assembly. Our mission? Bridge the distance from China's production hubs to global homes with trust, clarity, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Our Purpose:
We aim to rewrite the narrative of Chinese manufacturing. Assembly aids high-caliber Chinese manufacturers in not only showcasing their effectiveness but also winning new foreign business. We ensure that every product manufactured in China meets the rigorous standards of international markets.

The Problem:
Crowdfunding and innovation have driven brands towards Chinese factories. Yet, in a world where these factories make nearly identical, hard-to-verify claims of superiority, the primary competition becomes price. This price war results in under-bidding, leading to subsequent quality issues and delays. Simply put, the relationship between brands and their contract factories is fundamentally flawed.

Our Unique Solution:
Assembly steps in to mend this broken system. By installing cameras and leveraging remote monitoring software right on the assembly line, we guarantee adherence to testing protocols, thereby enhancing product quality and diminishing liability concerns. This not only combats warranty fraud but fosters a culture of transparency.

Brands pay a minimal per-unit fee to the OEM, while factories earn a revenue share upon demonstrating compliance with our quality benchmarks. This model promotes a shift in factory behavior, urging them towards excellence. The result? A drastic fall in defect rates – an impressive 75% drop within just 5 months of partnering with Assembly.

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